When it comes to choosing the type of filling for your teeth, the “silver” fillings are not pure silver but alloys combined of tin, copper, mercury and silver that are silver in color. Similarly, white fillings are composite resin that contain a combination of acrylic plastics, quartz fillers and colorants. Porcelain fillings are widely known as inlays or onlays. Here is a brief summary of your choices when it comes to fillings:
  • Amalgam fillings: Durable and cost efficient but visible due to the silver color.
  • Composite fillings: Durable and costing 25% more than amalgam fillings, but invisible and providing a wonderful look.
  • Porcelain fillings: Known as inlays or onlays, these are the superior choice for fillings due to their longevity (typically lasting at least 20 years).
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